Office Relocation & Technology Moving Solutions

KOR offers customers secure and confidential office IT relocation services. KOR helps customers address very specific technology relocation issues or execute the entire physical move of the Office IT Operations. We work closely with moving companies, third parties such as communication equipment providers and network services providers to ensure seamless integration of the moving process.

Our Office IT Relocation practice ensures that customers experience minimum business impact during the move; we work diligently to minimize the risk of stressful and disruptive procedure:


  • Pre-move consulting

  • IT relocation consultants advise on all areas including ordering new equipment & phone lines, the physical relocation of hardware and the setup of internet circuits.

  • We will manage your phone line and internet migration, liaising with fixed network and Internet service providers.

  • Our engineers will be onsite to supervise every aspect of your move, ensuring your business is operational on the Monday morning following the relocation.

  • We will communicate with you at every stage to ensure you know exactly what will be happening and when.

  • We take steps to ensure disruption is minimized in the event of any unforeseen problems arising.


KOR Server Relocation Services:

  • Design and layout new server room

  • Network design

  • Wireless network design & implementation

  • Messaging system design / implementation / relocation / provisioning

  • Testing / troubleshooting / reconfiguration / documentation

  • Identify / label equipment in order to correctly reassemble

  • Verify or create network documentation

  • Order new equipment

  • Manage voice & data cabling

  • Identify power / cooling / fire prevention needs

  • Telco / ISP selection & transition

  • Coordinate the physical move

  • Reassembly

  • Reconfigure routers, switches, IP addresses, DNS, etc.



Our forward planning, technical expertise, and professionalism ensure that your IT infrastructure will be handled correctly, delivered safely, on schedule, fully functional and within budget.