Network Solutions

Providing a well-structured, secure, reliable and clean solution to any network, regardless of its size, is essential to any business. That is why our team devotes a great deal of time providing efficient networking services to our clients.


We cover everything from small peer-to-peer networks to large corporate infrastructures by evaluating a client’s environment, making an assessment of actual needs and designing and implementing a best-fit solution.


Enable your business with secure, high-speed connectivity

When it comes to connecting to the applications and data they need, today's employees and consumers are less patient and more demanding. They have little tolerance for slow-loading web pages, dropped connections or network outages. Instead, they want responsive, fast-as-a-click access to content and information—anytime, anywhere and from any device. 


All this means the network is more than a method of transport. It is truly an enabler of business, making employees more productive and your customer interactions more positive and profitable.

Anytime, anywhere availability. As the digital transformation drives more business to the web, both traffic and data volumes increase dramatically. We can provide you with the highly redundant, resilient network connections you need to support everyday business and faster recovery if outages occur.


KOR Network Services:

  • Network Design & Planning

  • Network Deployment

  • Network Security

  • Network Analysis & Reporting

  • Network Monitoring

  • Network Support

  • Network Troubleshooting

  • Wireless AP Installation & Troubleshooting

  • Network Performance Analysis

  • Disconnect, transfer, and move existing equipment