Managed Network Services

KOR's Managed Network Services Provides End-to-End Management of IT Systems


In today’s business world, speed and agility are essential.  Organizations are continually facing challenges in scaling and managing their Information Technology infrastructure while effectively reducing costs.  IT network security, availability, and performance are key components for any successful business.


KOR's Managed Network Services can provide the agility and knowledge you need to manage your IT systems while your IT staff focuses on accelerating core business initiatives while at the same time reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) for IT systems support.


Benefits of Using KOR's Managed IT Services Are:

  • Alert and diagnosis of issues before outages occur

  • A reduction in system outages

  • Advanced network scanning tools making sure all critical devices are being monitored

  • Use of KOR's skilled IT professionals and advanced IT toolsets

  • Detailed tracking of key metrics for all SNMP enabled devices, including wireless devices

  • Elimination of “false alerts” by setting baseline alarm thresholds

  • A reduction of labor and capital expenses needed to support IT infrastructure systems

Our network device monitoring feature is designed to provide: 

  • Monitoring for a wide range of devices - We monitor your network devices, such as printers, firewalls, routers, switches, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), and more.

  • Easy discovery - With our software agent we'll be able to monitor existing and new devices on your user networks.  

  • Asset information - We'll pull all asset and device details to provide you a detailed inventory report.

  • SNMP checks - We use SNMP for in-depth monitoring of hardware health, performance, and utilization.



Why KOR's Fully Managed Network Plan?  

Daily Safety Check

  • Daily automated scan

  • Verifies status of back-up and anti-virus

  • Gives you peace of mind


Daily Health Check

  • Comprehensive inspection of systems

  • Provides a detailed picture of your IT

  • Saves hours of downtime and frustration


Network Monitoring

  • 24/7 checks on all connections & systems

  • Delivers information quickly on any issues

  • Enables fixes to be made fast


Network Management

  • Fully outsourced service

  • Gives constant support and advice

  • Affordable costs with no surprises

Supported Monitoring Information

  • CPU

  • Temperature

  • Fan status

  • Memory

  • Power supply

  • Drive status

  • RAID status

  • Disk status

  • Page count for printers

  • Toner/ink level for printers

  • Printer jams

  • VPN status

  • Battery levels

Supported Devices


  • APC

  • Cisco

  • Dell EqualLogic

  • Dell SonicWALL

  • DrayTek

  • Fortinet

  • HP

  • Juniper

  • Lexmark

  • NetApp

  • NetBotz


  • Zyxel