Managed IT Services Overview

We proactively manage, secure, and maintain your IT environment for a low fixed monthly rate.  

Keep Your Environment Healthy

  • Alerts: Receive notifications about device availability, performance, security, and backup statuses.

  • Performance checks: We conduct daily health checks against hardware and software on workstations, servers, and network devices across multiple work locations.

  • Security monitoring: We monitor antivirus scanning statuses, errors in event logs, and much more.


Monitor Everything​

  • Network performance monitoring for firewalls, routers, printers, and switches.

  • Mobile device monitoring: Keep track of smartphones and tablets with mobile device checks and monitoring.

  • Physical & virtual machine monitoring: Health checks on all virtual sessions and virtual machines.


Proactive Maintenance

  • Background maintenance: We fix issues without disrupting end users or causing downtime by using remote command lines and custom scripts, and by managing system processes and services.

  • Maintenance windows: After hours scheduled maintenance so we don’t disrupt employees’ productivity or raise false downtime alarms.

  • Granular roles and permissions: Set strong rules around who can and cannot access data and systems based on their position within the organization.

IT Managed Services Benefits

Added Value 

    ⇨ Optimized business resources

    ⇨ An outsourced IT management solution / IT staff productivity

    ⇨ Increased employee productivity

    ⇨ Core competence focus, not your network

    ⇨ Enhanced security & compliance


Peace of Mind

    ⇨ System reliability and availability

    ⇨ IT gap coverage

    ⇨ Minimize risk (data loss, cyber attacks, security breaches)

    ⇨ Predictable monthly costs


Lower Costs

    ⇨ Lower total cost of ownership and overhead

    ⇨ Network outage reduction

    ⇨ Reduced employee downtime